Biographies de Kazak

1991: two years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Soviet bloc is in full collapse. Azerbaijan, a small republic of the USSR, freed from the yoke of authority in Moscow and won its independence. KAZAK's history is directly linked to the destiny of this country at the crossroads of Persian and Caucasian cultures.

Fred Kazakbayli,  the band's singer, was born in France. His father, Ilias, is an Azeri from the region of Gangja. During World War II, he fought in the Russian uniform before being taken prisoner by the Germans. He escaped and took refuge in the region of Grenoble. He got married to a French girl at the end of the war, and founded a family who will now be marked by its Azeri's origins. Unfortunetly, he will disappear before he can realize his dream of returning home, leaving his wife and children some pictures of his family remained around Gandja. This unfinished journey, Fred is trying to bring it in music and texts, since his meeting with Philippe Fontaine.

Philippe, composer and arranger, is touched by this story, then seduced by Azerbaijan and its wilderness, its people, warm and simple, but also by its traditions and its music.

KAZAK was born, which feeds on travel between Grenoble and Baku, because it is important to rub shoulders with origins. This is with songs that Fred Kazak and Philippe Fontaine chose to forge links between the two countries. The prose is woven with emotion, slices of life, true stories.

In this musical pilgrimage, the audience embarks eyes closed, mesmerized by the accents of a oriental oud, a journey where French melodies meet Karabagh's poetry.


Philippe Fontaine – guitars, oud

Fred Kazak – singer

Mélouka Aubry – singer

Lilian Palomas – bass and double bass

         Adrien Virat - percussions

Philippe: "When I hear the Azerbaijan's traditional music,

it often takes me back to old melodies of my own heritage.

These common points are the heart of Kazak's music. "

Fred: "Through my personal story,

I talks about exile, rootlessness,

the feeling of belonging to two cultures,

the richness and strength that it brings."

Melouka: "For me to be with the band

is a great trip and a great discovery.

This brings me closer to my roots,

and open to other facets of music."

Lilian: "I am very happy to have this experience.

It is music that leaves open much room for originality.

You have to play with finesse and listen a lot to each other.

I feel good in this context."